What is the 30 x 30 Rapid Transformation Coaching Program?

The 30 x 30 rapid Transformation program helps individuals who want to create bold change in their lives by changing their current results with money, health, relationships and lifestyle.

How does the program work?

The 30 x 30 Rapid Transformation program uses a 3- pronged approach; energy, mindset and strategy to achieve rapid and lasting change in people’s lives.

Who is this program for?

This is for anyone and everyone who wants to change their current circumstance in their life. Who hasn’t had any positive results in work or life in the last 60 to 90 days. An individual who wants to achieve a goal/vision has been putting in the effort but hasn’t achieved the result..

What results can I expect in 30 days?

Within 30 days you will experience a rapid shift in energy and mindset and you will have a clear, precise, step-by- step strategy for achievement. Most of our clients start seeing results within 2 weeks of starting the program. Click here to view some of our testimonials

What makes this coaching program unique?

This program is unique in many ways but the most unique thing is how it is delivered over 30 days. It’s run on a day-by-day format using our unique stacking method. This prevents overwhelm and creates momentum.

How do I get started?

Find out the simple steps to enrol in the program, including registration details, payment options, and how to prepare yourself for the transformative journey ahead. Click here for more information

Is there a payment plan available for the program?

Yes, we have payment plan options available.

How many coaching sessions are included in the program?

20 live coaching sessions within 30 days.

When does the program start, and what is the schedule?

Get information on the program’s start date, as well as the schedule of coaching sessions, workshops, and other activities to plan your participation accordingly. Click here for more information

What support resources are available between coaching sessions?

You will have access to our private support group if you have any questions regarding your activities and homework. However, you will be having daily sessions as well so it will be easy to ask questions and get the support you need directly from your coach.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to join the program?

The only prerequisite to joining our 30 x 30 Rapid Transformation program is the onboarding call to make sure we are a fit for each other. It’s a very quick 30- minute process. You can book your call here

What happens if I miss a coaching session?

This very rarely happens but if it does our admin can send you a replay. We don’t encourage this but we also understand that sometimes it is unavoidable.