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We help people take their professional and personal lives to the next level with our various programs at Mindstate Coaching and one-to-one mentoring.

Whether you’re a Professional, Business Owner, Entrepreneur or someone who wants to become the best version of themselves, you must work on yourself.

Our role at Mindstate Coaching is to bring out the best in you and teach you how to unlock your limitless potential to surpass your wildest dreams. If you are someone who wants to change your results but has struggled with limiting beliefs, bad habits and indecisiveness then we are for you.

Would you love to learn the secret architecture of our MINDSTATE METHOD program 30 days to rapid transformation, which teaches you how to achieve your goals, and vision and create your perfect balance in work and life in the process?

How would your life be if in as little as 6 months you could completely shift your paradigm and regain control of your life in our Mastering the Paradigm program?

Do you have a vision or goal that is unattainable to you right now?

Do you want to learn how to start thriving in life & work?

And all of this in as little as 30 days?

MINDSTATE METHOD & MASTERING THE PARADIGM are on the cutting edge of professional & personal development coaching because we understand in this rapidly changing environment you need to keep up and change. 

You are your most valuable asset and you need to keep investing in yourself to grow, perform at your peak and maintain consistency

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Welcome to the “Reinvent Yourself Challenge Masterclass” for Women Over 50!
Are you a remarkable woman who has dedicated the past two decades to nurturing your family and raising children? Now, it’s YOUR time to shine! Our masterclass is designed exclusively for women like you, poised to embark on an exhilarating new chapter of life.
About the Masterclass:
Embark on a transformative journey tailored to women over 50, who are ready to redefine themselves and embrace the vibrant possibilities ahead. This unique program is crafted to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration needed to reinvent yourself, rediscover your passions, and thrive in this exciting phase of life.
What to Expect:
Rediscover Your Radiance: Learn practical tips and expert advice on self-care, style, and wellness to help you look and feel your absolute best, inside and out.
Embrace Adventure: Unleash your adventurous spirit! Explore activities and experiences that will invigorate your senses and fill your life with joy and excitement.
Ignite Your Purpose: Discover meaningful ways to contribute through work or volunteer opportunities, creating a sense of purpose that fulfils your heart and soul.
Connect and Thrive: Forge lasting connections with like-minded women who are also on this incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation.
Why Choose Us:
Our masterclass is curated by our very own founder, Tania who understands the unique needs and aspirations of women over 50. With a supportive community and expert guidance, you’ll be equipped to step confidently into this new phase of life, radiating confidence, vitality, and purpose.
Join Us Today:
Don’t miss this chance to reinvent yourself and embark on a journey filled with beauty, adventure, and purpose. Reserve your spot now and let’s embark on this incredible journey together!
Note: Limited spots are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.
 Register now to secure your spot in the Reinvent Yourself Challenge Masterclass!


Register now to access our masterclass this coming December 4th, 7:30 pm AEDT

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Mindstate Method


Mindstate Method

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Who is mindstate coaching for?

For anyone who has been wanting to achieve a goal or has a life vision that just keeps evading them. For anyone who starts and quits, who is afraid of failure or who has a burning desire to create something that will change their life…

It's Time To Change Your Life

Take your business and life to the next level

Learn how to organise business, children, home, relationships, your needs and your desires

Become the best version of yourself and create abundance in every area of your life

What my clients have to say about MindState Coaching

I have been wanting to achieve my goal for over a year before Mindstate Method, and it was achieved within 14 days of working with Tania. 

The best part of Mindstate Method is everything you learn outside of putting in the work that contributes to success in reaching your goals. This includes everything from limiting beliefs that subconsciously hold you back to scheduling your day in a way that both fulfils you and leads to success. 

I received my return of investment within 2 weeks of Mindstate Method coaching, and the strategies put in place suggest a return of triple the amount invested by the end of the month. 

Tania is an honest, caring and to-the-point coach who makes you feel safe whilst unpacking what is necessary to leave your old habits behind and create the version of yourself that gets things done. 

I would recommend this program to anyone has a spark inside them and feels they would benefit from some guidance to push past the feeling of being stuck or not knowing where to begin. 

Thank you for your help Mindstate Method! X
Aleksandra, 20
Before starting Mindstate Method Coaching, I was wanting a change in my life for a while, I think a few years or so definitely, and after all the lockdowns and stuff I just wanted a change in my behaviours and daily habits, so I made some lifestyle changes and with some hesitancy I finally gave Tania a message, and you could say the rest is history! I started seeing results only a few weeks into my coaching sessions with Tania definitely, she changed my daily habits and behaviours instantly and for the better as well, I’m forever grateful.

The best part of the Mindstate method was definitely the challenges and obstacles Tania made me push through to make me see and believe what I’m really capable of, because the self doubt was a problem in the past, but not anymore!

Tania is an amazing coach and I highly recommend Mindstate coaching to anyone wanting a change in their lives. Tania really listened to me and always had an answer for everything, our sessions were so in depth and I'm really going to miss them!
Arthur, 25
Doncaster EasT
Before Mindstate Method happened, I've got a lot of wants and dreams that I'd been longing for 3 years. But I felt like it was impossible because I have anxiety, fear, and overthinking and I easily get depressed and upset. I developed all of these when I was a college student. Name all negative emotions and mindset, and I almost have them all, hence not seeing my goals clearly.

Guess what? In just 2 weeks I can see how I changed, the way I think, and the way I handle my life, career, and problems. The way how my family sees me change was very heartwarming. The best part of Mindstate Method is, once you start from day 1, you're always excited to meet Tania and to learn new things that can't be taught by just google youtube, or videos that can be found everywhere.

In just 3 weeks, I've achieved 3 goals for my 2023. Before taking this opportunity a goal like this can take more months or a year. That's the fastest achievement I've ever done in just 3 weeks, thanks to Mindstate Method. I'm glad I took the opportunity to take Mindstate Method, from a negative person like me who's always staying in my comfort zone, the Mindstate method is 1000% worth of my investment.

Tania is the best coach and mentor that I've ever met! She's amazing, kind, honest, sincere, genuine, and she has all the good qualities of a coach and mentor. She listens to me no matter how cringe, disgusting, and stupid my past was and gives me the best advice and activity on how to become the best version of myself. I definitely recommend this program, despite the counselling that I've been through in the past, there's no result but with Mindstate Method in just a week, you'll see the result.

She's like a mother to me, and I'm so blessed that I've met her, if you're reading this, this is definitely a sign to take up Mindstate Method. Even though you're not feeling ready, missing this program is like missing half of your life. I'm no longer stuck anymore, I've managed to step out of my comfort zone and I've made huge progress 3 weeks feels like 8 months to work all of this out. I'm grateful to Mindstate Method, I'm grateful to Tania. Thank you Tania for everything.
Fernan(Fern), 24
Digital assistant
davao city

Coaching with Tania has been an absolute pleasure and a much-needed experience for me personally.

I have always been proactive when it came to self-development and never missed a chance to grab an opportunity if I felt aligned with it.

Starting with the MM coaching program came with some worry initially, but I eventually decided to enroll in the program as I was betting on myself more than anyone else.

It was a test for myself to stay accountable and have someone to keep me on track while I was doing all the tasks and self-work assignments that I was asked to do every single day. It required my time, energy, and dedication. It was draining physically, but Tania’s energy and enthusiasm played a major role in keeping my energy up and going.

Halfway through the course, she helped me identify a few ‘misconceptions’ I had about hard work and persistence. She helped me gain a broader perspective.

Towards the end, we learned a lot more about each other, and I am glad I took a leap of faith with the program and crossed paths with her.

Tania has been kind, patient, and an experienced entrepreneur who has learned from her different walks of life.

She pinned down my limiting beliefs and pulled them out like weeds, leaving me shocked at how I was perceiving a few things in my life.

If you are someone seeking balance in emotional, spiritual, and entrepreneurial aspects of your life, you must definitely consider getting on a call with Tania and planning a road-map for your personal goals.

Lajja, 28
Landscape Architect

I have always known I was capable of achieving greater things but somehow I’ve always managed to get in my own way and just sit back and accept how things are in my comfortable life.

Well only days after starting my journey with Tania I began to unravel those limiting beliefs and open up doors to my full potential and begin achieving more in a day than I would have previously in one week.

The best part of the MM is on the second day when you realise what you are really capable of and Tania helps you wake up to that reality. Tania is a fantastic leader and facilitator of this journey you embark on as she enables you to uncover your dreams, crush your fears, push through your limits, and achieve greatness. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to achieve more and change for the better to sign up!

I started this course without a clue of what I was getting myself into, and I was quite happy going about my “comfortable” life. But Tania helped me realise what I had always known deep down, that I was capable of so much more, and the steps I could take to get there were within arm's reach. I have broken through so many barriers already in this past month and I look forward to breaking through many more on this journey and becoming who I was always meant to be.

Luke, 29
I have been wanting to be a better version of myself for the last 5 years - feeling like I couldn't sit still, mind racing with business ideas and personal goals that everything felt so overwhelming that I never tried anything enough for it to stick.

From day 1 I have felt all-in with this coaching program, but the real eye-opener moment was later in the first week reflecting on my limiting beliefs and seeing the evidence of them written down. I had been consumed with feeling guilty for wanting more and fearing failure of my dreams that I never even tried. Opening up in such a raw and emotional way to Tania brought out my true inner goals and it was fantastic to hear her guidance and full support for my future.

The best part is honestly all of it. Every session has been a way to learn and grow and build the road map to my future vision. But now that my MM coaching is almost to an end - the best part is looking back at day 1 and not recognising the person I was only 3 weeks ago!

Tania is such an inspirational coach. She is full of light and passion for coaching. She gives you her honest, tough-love opinions and is without judgement when it comes to helping me reach my full potential.

Absolutely I would recommend coaching with Tania. I am so glad that I made the first step, because every step after, has made achieving my goals a little easier each time.

I am so much more productive after my MM coaching. I am also now very aware of my limiting beliefs and when they crawl their way back into my thoughts I know now how to weed them back out. I feel in control and fearless of the endless possibilities that I can achieve, and I have Tania to thank for opening up inside me.
Jessica, 35
Mitcham VIC
I have been wanting to achieve my goal for a long time, hard to give any date on it but now I'm free from been married so I'm ready to start a new life and new goals, and Tania help me to go in the right

I can see the first result in week 3. It was amazing how I felt and how I was ready to change, in my mind and my body! MM is great, seems easy at first but all the exercises Tania gave me was actually a lot to take, but worth it 100%. Tania is an amazing person, kind, here to listen, give you the right advice when you need it.. I was looking forward to talk to her everyday and tell her what I have done during my day! She is great! I will definitively recommend this program! I have no regret at all, needed it at the moment, needed a push up and MM was perfect for me.

Go for it! you think you are not ready but you are.. change yourself and go for your goals! it's an amazing sensation for the mind and the heart when you finalised something you always dreamed about but never achieved it. I wrote the sentence below - to myself - in my Journal one night during my session with Tania:
''You will find your happiness, I can feel it and the universe too, you are on the right pathway, continue this way... Yes let's do it together hand by hand.'' Thanks Tania. 😉
Anais (Ana), 36
Surry Hills

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